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In a mobile ad hoc network, nodes move arbitrarily. Mobility
presents   a   fundamental   challenge   to   routing   protocols.   Routing
protocols for ad hoc networks can be classified into two major types:
proactive and on­demand. Proactive protocols attempt to maintain up­
to­date routing information to all nodes by periodically disseminating
topology   updates   throughout   the   network.   In   contrast,   on­demand
protocols attempt to discover a route only when a route is needed. To
reduce the overhead and the latency of initiating a route discovery for
each   packet,   on­demand   routing   protocols   use   route   caches.   Due   to
mobility, cached routes easily become stale. Using stale routes causes
packet   losses,   and   increases   latency   and   overhead.   In   this   paper,   we
investigate how to make on­demand routing protocols adapt quickly to
topology changes. This problem is important because such protocols use
route   caches   to   make   routing   decisions;   it   is   challenging   because
topology changes are frequent.

free hats

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free hats